Seminari cientificotècnic: The use of habitat interventions to enhance natural pest regulation services in Spanish orange orchards

Ponent: Dr. Alice Mockford - University of Worcester, UK

Data: 16 de desembre de 2021. 13:00h.

Lloc: Sala d'Actes de l'IVIA.


Agriculture intensification has contributed to the loss of ecological processes and diminished vital ecosystem services. To support ecological intensification and sustainable food production, wildflower strips under different management strategies were investigated for the delivery of pest regulation to Navel orange. Wildflower strips left to grow throughout the year provided more plant resource and supported greater abundance of natural enemies. Carbohydrate feeding, a key indicator of parasitoid fitness, was also enhanced with this treatment. This in turn translated to enhanced pest regulation services on the crop.  This study highlights the importance of suitable resource for natural enemies and how management can help enhance these benefits.